Dave McMahon’s Dog Academy

Do you have a dog that doesn’t listen to you? Maybe a new puppy that you are looking for training. Dave is based out of Niagara falls Ontario. He’s a great guy he has been training dogs of any size since 1984.

Check out his site and look at all his testimonials.

“I love what I do every day of my life, I have made my passion my profession.”

I help people and their dogs, I know that I make a difference in their lives.”

Originator of the “First Command Response Training Theory and Methods” that are used by our graduate student trainers worldwide.

Dave McMahon is a consultant to rescue groups on the assessment and temperament of dogs that are adopted.


  • Author of “Obedience Training For the Family Dog”
  • Author of “Don’t Get Bit” A Dog Bite Prevention Book For Children

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