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13 Jul, 2020

Taking a step on the dark side..

The Dark side is more of the theme of Chrome OS. I have not found the cookies yet. Still looking though.

I am a Windows IT Helpdesk anyalst for years and started working on the computers over 20 years ago, starting on Windows 3.1 and all the way to Windows 10. So yes I know the ins and outs of Windows from the desktop to servers.

Since Chromebooks came a couple of years ago I have been interested in getting them. Why? Mainly because of the cost of computers. I get the questions almost daily on a what cheap computer I would recommend. Well…. I always say with computers you get what you pay for, and well in most cases the answer is yes. With Chromebooks being so cheap are they actually worth more then the cost of them?

Let’s see. This is Day 1. Can I last 30 days on a Chromebook?

What do you do first? Checked out the tour just to see what it offered and what other users would see. So far so good and email is setup with the Outlook app, since it does work best with Office 365.

Still poking around with ChromeOS to see what it can offer. Have you tried it? Anything I should test out?

1 Sep, 2014

Burford Township Museum

The Burford Historical Society wanted a more flexible and reliable website.  We put this website together for them to expand their reach and educate everyone about Burford Ontario.


BTHS is an agricultural museum.  Over the years the residents of Burford Township have gathered up and donated artifacts to the museum.  Last summer was spent rejuvenating the old Town Hall, and the next few months (or years) will be spent cataloging artifacts and archives.  Slowly we are bringing artifacts back onto public view.


Check out the Burford Historical Society’s Website

16 Mar, 2014

Welcome to ChipMonk

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ChipMonk Computer Services offers both residential clients and small businesses a one stop solutions for all of their I.T. services and support needs. We make I.T. easy to understand and easy to manage. We are trained to the highest standards to ensure that our customers are always getting the the best quality support possible.

Services include:

  • Computer Repair
  • Technical Training
  • Web Sites
  • Installation

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