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Lightning Fast

We all live in the fast lane, we all need speed. We will make sure your Computer and website are as fast as they can go.

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Built with care

From your Website to your computer and mobile devices we treat them like our own.

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Mobile Ready

All of our websites are mobile ready at launch, no extra plug-ins required.  They will look sleek on any device.

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A Better All-in-One Service

ChipMonk Computer Services offers both residential clients and small businesses a one stop solutions for all of their I.T. services and support needs. We make I.T. easy to understand and easy to manage. We are trained to the highest standards to ensure that our customers are always getting the the best quality support possible.

Services include:

  • Computer Repair
  • Technical Training
  • Web Sites
  • Installation

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Our mission is to make technology simple

We are here to help. Technology is here to stay and is always developing; if you can’t keep up? Give us a call.

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