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Do you need an editor to read over your work? We have used Christine’s services with some of our proposals with other clients. She is great to work with and she is quick at looking over your work.

Check out her site and contact her if you are looking for editing of writing or images.

“My creative services are split into two areas: photo editing and wedding & event material. My photo editing services include photo enhancement and restoration, and photo collages. My wedding & event material includes stag & doe tickets, seating charts, table cards and invitations & cards. ” Christine Flynn

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Ontario Rett Syndrome Association

O.R.S.A. came to us to help spend less on their website so that more money can go towards a cure. We have worked on that plan and expanded. Check out there website here.

The Ontario Rett Syndrome Association (O.R.S.A.) is a volunteer, not-for-profit charity for parents, caregivers, researchers, medical professionals and other interested support agencies and individuals. O.R.S.A. became incorporated in 1991. Its Board of Directors is comprised of parents and caring citizens. O.R.S.A. provides information through a website, a newsletter and conferences. Support is provided to families regionally. The association funds Canadian research projects, three Rett Syndrome Clinics, a resource centre and the Canadian Rett Syndrome Registry. O.R.S.A. advocates to the needs of individuals with Rett syndrome and their families provincially and nationally.